Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts!

Ok if you are either Auntie Anita, Grandma Lila or Nana stop Reading this post NOW!!!

The rest of you may carry on.

Well I have posted quite a bit about Fimo lately and I wanted to show you the fantastic fun we had with 2 of Hudson's friends making Mother's day magnets.
Here the boys are softening the Fimo by squishing and rolling it.
Next we rolled it out flat and each boy chose a small cookie cutter shape to cut out of the Fimo.
Then they decorated the shapes with various other colors of Fimo.
Here are their masterpieces. They bake in the oven at 130C for 30 minutes. Then I just glued magnets to the back with a glue gun.
These are a great gift for mother's day.


TinkerBelle said...

What a neat idea! Very cute!

9uy said...

I'm not grandma, that's for sure :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Don't you know me better than THAT!

The Woodall family said...

these are very cute! Great idea:)

Sherry said...

Those are cute! :D I bet they had a blast doing those!

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