Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inner City Campout!

Something very exciting is going on in the palace. (It's also a bit scary). Let me start at the beginning:
Craig and I own a 4-plex in a rough area of Prince George ( the big city an hour away from us). Another 4-plex across the street from that one came up for sale. We called and there was already an accepted offer on that property. So we prayed and told God that if the offer fell through then we would know that it was Him speaking and we would buy the 4-plex. The offer fell through. We close on the property a month ago. (Exciting eh? Well just wait for the rest of the story).

So one Saturday night Craig came home and was just chatting about "What would it be like to live in that neighborhood?" I was like well there are a million things that would have to work out before we could just move into that neighbourhood. Turns out there are 2:
1. It has to work with Craig's work schedule.
2. We have to have a vacancy.

Well lo and behold we get home from church on Sunday and there is an email from the seller of the 4-plex saying that the fellow in #3 is moving out at the end of April. Due to some other circumstances our tenant is not actually moving out until Friday (tomorrow). So that takes care of the vacancy. Craig will be in school for the month of May. Works with the work schedule. So our family is moving into a 1 bedroom 400 square foot house this weekend to renovate and reach out.
So here is a picture of what I have deemed my inner-city cottage. (The snow is gone now).

So excited right?

Please pray for me!

Specifically please pray for my attitude (renovations, 400 square ft, 2 small children, has the potential to steal ones joy.)
Pray for me to be organized.
Pray for me to have courage and be bold.
Pray for me to follow the Holy Spirit
And anything else you can think of.

I will be gone from blog world for 2 or more weeks. I will miss you!

Also feel free to ask any questions in case you are confused :)


Keri said...

good luck! it sounds like a fun and new adventure for your little family. i know you are taking a bloging break- but i left you a blog award on my blog so if you have time check it out!

Lady Jen said...

You won a giveaway on my site and I haven't heard from you yet with your mailing address. Go ahead and see this post for details:

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