Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gratituesday- People who sew

I am not a one who sews. In fact sewing machines shudder and try to become invisible when I get near them. Sewing is not my talent!
I love finding great handmade things that other people have sewn however.
My latest find is this fantastic quilt. ($5.00 at a yard sale).
Look how gorgeous it is! The back is solid navy blue so it is a perfect blanket for Meadow to play outside on.

That is the second thing I am grateful for, Meadow loves to be outside. She loves just laying on a blanket on the grass chatting away to her feet.

I am so grateful that God gave each of us our own talents and that I can appreciate the things that I am not gifted with and I am grateful that God has blessed me to find joy in raising my children.

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Em. said...


You won my giveaway, but you didn't respond after I posted the winners and I felt bad about it, so I came to hunt you down.

Please email me with your info at jesuisem AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

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