Sunday, July 25, 2010

Motivate Me Monday - Are You Attractive?

Fifth Street Palace

If you read my review of Same Kind of Different as Me by Denver Moore and Ron Hall yesterday, then you may have been pondering the question I asked.

Does the way you live your life attract others to Christ?  

In other words are you letting His light shine through you?  Are you loving?

Oh how easy it is to love our children or our spouse.  It's not a problem to love your parents or siblings (most of the time).
To love those who may not love you back, those who are unlovely, that is the real challenge.

So today think of someone to love that may not (even probably won't) return the favor.  Heck they may not even accept your love.
Then step out in faith and practically love that person.
You may start with prayer asking God to open your eyes to opportunities to help this person (or others).  Next comes the uncomfortable part.  Obey.  See the need and meet it.

This is a huge challenge for me as well, but I want to step out of the here I go.


Jackie said...

Thanks for the challenge. I pray that I am able to show others God's love to everyone. Sometimes I have had people who are supposed to be close treat me the worst. I need to remember to turn the other cheek and keep showing love to them.

Ticia said...

Such a good reminder of what I should be doing, and am not.

Olivia said...

So true!! It is really hard to love those who continue to make horrible decisions for their lives!!

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