Sunday, July 25, 2010

Marketing Monday


There are some totally great new items in my shop.

  I am calling them Birdie Blankies.

And of course you can still purchase sensory dolls too:)
See you on Fifth Street!


Tara said...

These are just too adorable. I am going to check out your shop, but I wanted to comment here first. Thanks for linking them up and for sharing the hop.

I made a super-sized puppy blanket for my kids and it was too cute. I will have to share it some time. Not my pattern at all. It was one I found at the fabric store, but I actually accomplished it!

Have a great day! Tara from Trendy Treehouse

Tara said...

I found the pattern I mentioned in the last comment. It's a simplicity pattern. Thought you might want to see it.

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