Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zibbet Tuesday- CLP Studios

Let me introduce you to Cindy.
Isn't she fun?  Cindy is the artist behind CLP Studio .  She sells amazing hand painted purses, handbags, and all things carryable!

Here are 2 of my favorite pieces:

Totally gorgeous don't think?

So without further ado here's Cindy:

I consider myself a Messenger of Art. I’m inspired by taking a classic/master’s work from a traditional “frame on a wall” and reconfiguring it to an unconventional canvas like a bag or a pair of shoes so it can be appreciated in a new, fresh way and enjoyed by many on a daily basis.   I’ve amassed quite a collection of art books and can spend hours poring over them.  Or I’ll spend hours on the computer just looking at art – in any form.  I see it everywhere.  

I am married (32 years) and have two children (well, 2 adults: a son who is 30 and a daughter 29.)  Don’t forget my two assistants (four legged furry canine kind) who follow me everywhere and oversee (oversleep!) every painting project.  Try as I might, I still cannot teach them to paint –it’s that dangnable thumb thing.  If only they could run a vacuum and do dishes I could paint even more!!


I’m partial to all the bags for a variety of reasons, but if I had to pick… Girl Around the World – it’s an original that’s just up-tempo and fun.  Full Blossom – A lovely Asian inspired floral by Don Li-Leger.  Peace Dog and Phil – simply whimsical and fun with a good message.  The following two aren’t currently in my shop but I’m very attached to them…Graffitti artist Banksy’s Laugh Now – as it’s a thought provoking commentary.  Sudden Showers Over Shono – by Ando Hiroshige, an 1800’s Japanese artist with over 5,400 works.  He’s one of my favorites.  I truly do get excited about each and every one though.

I really enjoy what I do, and so many things inspire me.  I’ve always had what I term L.D.L. (low delight level!)  so I am quite easily amused and inspired.  I try to branch out to various selling venues, which keeps me busy.  But should it get slow I just figure if I keep painting – they will come someday!  I look at these slow times as great opportunities to learn new things like Twitter, get organized, try new painting techniques and catch up.  It just tends to work itself all out somehow – assuming I keep working it  (-;

Want to know where else you can find Cindy?

http://www.clpstudio.com   hand painted shoes


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