Monday, June 21, 2010

Motivate Me Monday- No Expectations

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Last week I had extra kiddos at my house for 3 days (they went home in the evening). Now these children were not behaving poorly or anything like that. They just add extra noise. Ages 2-6 just have very little volume control.

That first day I imagined my husband coming home to take care of the kids until the dad of the other children came so I could run to the store (blissfully alone) and pick something up for supper.

So when the first words out of his mouth were "I need a shower." Pop went my dreams of alone time and kaboom went my temper. It was ugly folks. I stomped my feet, balled up my fists and screamed "I need to go to the store." (Pretty eh? Do you still want to read my blog?)

Let's examine what went wrong:

1. I was making my own plans. 

When I make my own plans and get wrapped up in what I want and the thoughts in my head turn to ME ME ME! I mean never mind that my husband has been working all day on building our house or that he might be tired as well... all I was concerned with was my needs.

2. I was living with my expectations. 

My own expectations are so much less than what God has for me.  God chooses to bless us because He loves us. He chooses to withhold blessings because He loves us. He is God almighty and powerful and yet He loves me.  When I live expectantly without expectations I am trusting God.  I am expecting him to keep His promises and to love me, but not demanding that he bends to my will and does things my way.
So my encouragement today is to let go of your own plans and agenda.  Give up your life so that you will have the life Christ has for you.  Live expectantly without expectations.


Jackie said...

My mom has always said that anger is nothing more than unmet expectations. It is very easy to be self-focused and in turn get upset when things don't go as planned. You are not alone.

Ticia said...

That was much needed. Thanks for sharing.

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