Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finer Things Friday-Dump Treadmill

I have just recently began using my treadmill again after a four month break.  My treadmill is such a blessing.  Let me tell you the story.
My friend Anita and I used to frequent the dump, looking for treasures that could be fixed or turned into something else or were just great finds.  One day we spotted my treadmill.  We struggled to load it into her van but it was not meant to be.  So the very nice dump man said we could put it in the back of his truck until we were able to get it home later that day.
So I hurried home and called my friend Lisa (who had a pick up truck).  For the small price of an iced cap she agreed to go to the dump with me and help me get the treadmill home. 
That thing is heavy.  I must admit that my upper body strength is next to nothing and I dropped the treasured exercise equipment.  It still worked though.  We have had it for at least 2 years and both Craig and I use it. 

Trash to treasure is for sure a Finer Thing.


The Household 6 Diva said...

I LOVE finding things people put to the curb! It's the ultimate recycling in my opinion!! Saving the Planet - one treadmill at a time! :) Happy Friday!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

A free treadmill is definitely a finer thing!

Jackie said...

Very cool! I love finding things like that. :-)

Melissa said...

That's crazy that it was a GOOD treadmill!!!! Wow!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

You've used it for 2 years?! Amazing the things people throw away.

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