Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Sad Bike Experience

It took me FOREVER to learn how to ride a bike. I swear it was the bike's fault. My dad would get either free (meaning picked it up out of a junk heap) or really great deals (meaning paid someone very little money to take away their dysfunctional bike) on bicycles for me when I was a kid. One bike I tried to learn to ride on had a bent back wheel. That made for quite the wobbly ride. Finally when I was about 8 I got an amazing bike. It was pink, with a big white banana seat and it said strawberry delight on the side. Loved that bike. And yes I did learn to ride it.

I have written this blog post in hopes of winning a Strider Running bike from 5 Minutes for Mom. I really want to break the cycle of sad bike experiences so my children don't have to deal with wobbly rides :)


He & Me + 3 said...

I hope that you win. How cool!
Glad you learned to ride!

Sue said...

What a sad little post but I'm glad you finally got your pink bike to make up for the wobbly one ;-) Hope you win!

P.S... I'm SO behind in blog hopping. Thank you for the sweet award. I need to grab it and give mine out now ;-) You're so sweet! Thanks again :-D

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