Friday, July 3, 2009

Finer Things Friday- Being Canadian

I really am happy to be Canadian. Around the world Canadians are known for their friendliness. We have some really beautiful places to live and love in Canada. There are so many freedoms to enjoy. Last but not least we have some pretty awesome southern neighbors.

On Wednesday we headed out to a heritage ranch about 1h and 40min from our home called the Hubble Homestead. I have been wanting to visit this place since we moved here 4 years ago. It was so delightful!

Not only could you tour the buildings and grounds, but there were tons of fun events to celebrate Canada day. We just missed out on Craig participating in the pie eating contest.
Here are some pictures of our great day:

Canadian Boy!
Walking with the real cowboy to see the real pony!

Daddy and Meadow trying out the stilts.
I love antiques, but I am so glad this is not my kitchen.
Good bye Hubble Homestead! See you another time!

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Sue said...

What a wonderful Canada Day you guys shared! We just hung around at home. My BFF and her 2 yr old have been with us this week so we knew we couldn't get out for fireworks. Maybe next year ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Untypically Jia said...

Thanks for coming by my blog Sarah! I want to visit Canada so badly! First stop will apparently be Tim Hortons LOL!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

"I love antiques, but I am so glad this is not my kitchen." LOL -- me too! :)

Jackie said...

Looks like fun!

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