Monday, June 29, 2009

Gratituesday- Glamour Girl

My dad gave me a gift card for Reitmans for my birthday (which is in May). I was able to spend it while on a ladies shopping trip a couple of Saturdays ago.
I have not shopped retail in quite some time. I am a thrift store/yard sale shopper. (And I've also been known to pick up a thing or two at the...gasp... DUMP!!!)

Well even though my money didn't stretch nearly as far as it would in my regular shopping haunts, I loved the fun of trying on clothes, finding the perfect NEW outfit and wearing it out to dinner that night.

My husband complimented me on my outfit and told me that I look really classy.

Here is my new dress at the end of the night. I also bought the earrings, shoes and bracelet.

I am so grateful for a dad who gave me the desire of my heart, wonderful friends to shop with, a sweet and loving husband, and an experience to lift me up.

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Jensmere said...

Hi look lovely!! So happy for you that you were blessed in this way...counting our blessings always makes for a thankful heart attitude!

Bless you, sweetie,

The Real Me! said...

You look beautiful my friend. That's a gorgeous dress. I am a thrift store shopper too but when my husband gave me the green light to buy a few new outfits I grabbed the friends and ran. LOL.
Hugs to you and I'm glad you had fun!!

Snow White said...

awesome! you do look lovely -- it's so nice to have a treat like that every once and a while.

Mrs. Sheila said...

What a beauty!! I can tell you that since I have lost weight, and can go into ANY store to find clothes, I LOVE playing!! I may not leave with anything, but it is fun to 1) try on new clothes, and 2) see how LOW I can go on the sizes! :)

Amy Lynne said...

How fun! You look great!

Sarah Dawn said...

You look beautiful .. and I love the color. Alas, my sweet friend, I too love the garage sales and thrift stores, but delighted to see how your Dad splashed you in His love, for a princess of the King.

Besitos (little kisses in Spanish),
Sarah Dawn

It Feels Like Chaos said...

You look beautiful! What a fun blessing!

Michele said...

aww you look so pretty. Love the dress and accessories very nice. What a great dad and wonderful husband for the sweet compliment.

You Go Girl!

Keri said...

darling dress! and is that a chalkboard in the background- i LOVE it!!! i hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!
i have an award for your blog at

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