Friday, May 22, 2009


Wow I left for 2 weeks and received an award in that time. Thank you so much to Keri at The Home Teacher for this Premio Dardos award:
Isn't it pretty? It is for bloggers who distinguish themselves for showing cultural values, ethics, great and fun writing skills, as well as individual values, through their creative writing.
I'm to pass this on to 8 other blog friends of mine (it was supposed to be 15 but I couldn't find that many. Note to self must make new friends) so here goes.
In Random Order:

1. A Simple Walk
2. Balancing Beauty and Bedlam
3. Forever and Ever and Always
4. Homesteader's Heart
5. I Will Go
6. Life in the Jolys
7.Randomly Elly
8.Super Fun Mama

I highly recommend visiting all of these links! Have a happy weekend!


Jensmere said...

Congratulations, Sarah! I agree totally...

Enjoy every visit to your place!

Bless you,

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog.
I am new to the blog world, but have seen the miracle of the blogging community and prayer in the last two days. Hope you will stop by my blog and pray for little Maggie.

Super Fun Mama said...

What an wonderful surprise! I happened to come over to your blog since you left a comment on my Mother's Day post all the way back a couple of weeks ago. I'm way behind on responding. I'm also behind on reading blogs I follow so I had no idea! And what do I see on your top post? Why an award to me! Yeah! I really love this award so am so thankful to you! I have been meaning to get up my is on my never ending to do blog list!

The Real Me! said...

Sarah, thank you so much for this great award. I am truly humbled by it and I'm also very far behind on posting about those! LOL.
I've been reading about some of what's been going on and when I have time I want to come back and read more. I can see that pray is in need and I will be doing that for you guys.
Have a great weekend.

Kate @ A Simple Walk said...

Wow Sarah, thank you so much. I'm touched and honored. This is the first time I've heard of this award and I really love the qualities it's awarded for. How fun.

I can't wait to hear more about your past 2 weeks. You, your family and your mission have been in my prayers.

Sarah Mae said...

You ROCK you little award grabber! Good for you! Looking forward to checking out the links! :)

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Sarah - thank you for blessing me with the award! I'm touched and really appreciate your support, encouragment and love!

Blessings and grace,

Tricia said...

Thank you Sarah! I am so honored to have received an award from you! You are awesome and I really cherish our friendship!

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