Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- Things about me

Well this is my very first ever Thursday Thirteen post so I thought I would make it about me. (A little selfish but interesting none the less).
1. I am a self professed cheesaholic. I love most cheeses. My favorite are brie and really aged cheddar.
2. I used to wish I was a blond. However I have come to realize that blond hair with my very dark eyebrows would be a hideous combination.
3. My middle name is Louise (there now it's public).
4. I like my toes. I think they are dainty and cute.
5. I love my kid's toes. They are the sweetest most nibbly adorable toes God ever created.
6. I do not believe I have a foot fetish.
7. My very favorite food is sushi. I especially love tuna rolls.
8. I wish I had a closer relationship with my sisters.
9.I was a pageant princess in the year 2000. (It was a very small town pageant and there were only 5 other contestants). I got to wear pretty gowns and a crown.
10. I often am still in my pajamas when my husband gets home from work. I rarely get dressed unless I am going out or someone is coming to visit me.
11. I have hawk eyes (20/15 vision).
12. I have selective hearing to go along with my hawk eyes
13. I love to blog. I really didn't think that I would but I really really do!
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Sherry said...

Great to learn more about you! :D I love cheese, too! :D

Amanda from Faith, Food and Family said...

That's a great list! I think I would like more cheeses. I've never had much chance to try any different ones. I really want to make the brie in the puff pastry or some of the other baked brie recipes. However, I might be the only one who would eat it and that might not be a good thing. LOL
God bless,

Chickenista said...

We have #10 in common!! I rarely get out of mine! With four kids I'm going from morning til night. I can hardley get in a shower. :) TMI? I'm gonna stop sharing now.....

shopannies said...

we have a few commanalities, love cheese, love to wear what is comfortable on me unless going out or someone coming, but I do think Louise is a pretty name it was my mother in laws name and my nieces middle name

Anonymous said...

I'm a SAHM and I stay in my pj's all the time too!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Fun list! I consider the jammies part to be a perk of the stay-at-home mom job!

Anonymous said...

My mom's middle name is Louise, too!

My toes are one of my worst features, but I used to love my kids' toes when they were babies.

Thanks for stopping by my T13!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I love it!!! I, too, wish I could go blonde. I did for halloween with a wig once. With my eyebrows, just like yours, it wasn't pretty lol haha

Melonie said...

Great list! You share a middle name with my SIL! You actually look a lot like her too, when she has longer hair. Which freaked me out when you first "Followed" my blog because I thought you WERE her and I thought, wow, her hair grew in FAST. lol

I didn't realize Thursday 13 had been resurrected...yay! I'll have to go check out her blog to participate.

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