Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zibbet Tuesday- Jilly's Stuff

Everyone has a story.  Let me tell you the story of Jill, who owns a Zibbet shop called Jilly's Stuff.

Jill is a recently retired custom framer from Michaels Arts & Crafts. (I am quite certain that working at Michaels is a dream job for many crafters).  She loves lace, flowers, color, and trying something new, even if it doesn't work out. Jill lives with her husband, adopted 12 year old grandson and a 7 year old beagle.

Here are Jill's top 3 picks from her shop:

Jill's inspiration comes from browsing the internet, walks in the woods, talking to family and friends, books from the library. 

Some words of encouragement from Jill to other Zibbet sellers:

Zibbet has the best people for advice and encouragement. Read as much as you can in the Forums and Blogs from Zibbet members. The information is truly geared to your success on Zibbet.

Other places you will find Jill are:


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