Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fabric Swapping and Lattes at Home.

First I want to invite you to participate in The Great Fat Quarter Swap!  Come sign up to swap fabric from your stash with another commenter.  New fabric for just the cost of mailing (which shouldn't be much) is a sweet deal!

Now on with the real post...
I am a Starbucks gal.  I love toffee nut lattes. Hot or iced it doesn't matter.  They lift my mood and give me a little dance in my step.  The price however is not all that lovely.  Well you'll never believe what I came across at a yard sale.

Yup that's right an espresso machine... and the price of this little gem... get ready for it... 
Can you believe it?  
My sweet husband (who is the barista at our house) even made this cool decal for the top.
  In case you can't read that it says "Scottbucks Coffee"  (Our last name is Scott).  Isn't he the best?

So fabric swaps, $5 espresso machines and lattes at home are for sure frugal and finer things :) 

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Brianna! said...

Honestly I dont think there is any coffee better than the coffee brewed right in the comfort of your own home:)


Andrea @ Simple Organized Living said...

Wow what a bargain!

I LOVE getting a good deal on pretty much anything...but this is amazing!

mel said...

That is awesome! "Scottbucks Coffee." :) I need to go hit up some yard sales, see what I can find before summer's over.

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