Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pop Bottle Watering System

This idea came to me via my mother who received it from a coworker I believe.

  • 2 liter pop bottle
  • a pin
  • a large planting pot
  • soil
  • plants
  • an eager 20 month old who loves dirt (optional)
 Step 1:
Poke holes around the bottom of the bottle. I fount that 1 hole per plastic bump works best.

Step 2:

Fill the pot 1/2 to 2/3 full of soil and place the bottle in the center.

Step 3:

Fill the pot with soil around the bottle so just the spout sticks up. 

Step 4:
Pull your toddler out of the dirt for the 100th time. (This step may be skipped if you don't have a toddler).

Step 5:

Plant your plants.

Step 6:
Fill your pop bottle watering system (with water).  In my climate I only have to fill it every other day. 

*Note: a garden hose would be my reccomended filling method, but fr this picture the watering can was handy.  Also if you can save the bottle cap and replace it after filling.  This helps the water drip more slowly.

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Ticia said...

okay, we could totally use this, I wonder if it would work for planting in the yard.

MommaMindy said...

This gave my brain a boost for leaving plants while going on vacation. Do you think it would work to use a two liter bottle, put rocks in the bottom so it wouldn't blow away, puncture holes, then set it in your planter? Let me know your opinion. I travel in the summer and haven't found a great way to water when I'm gone without bothering the neighbors. Thanks!

Wecare4much said...

I used this in my strawberry jar last year, smaller bottle, and had the best crop I've ever had. It really works!

Terra said...

holy crow, what a great idea!

Alberta said...

This is such a brilliant yet simple and totally effective idea...thanks!

Crystal said...

Brilliant! I have to share this with my mom!

supreme said...

I've seen pop bottles cut in half and placed up side down in the dirt to water but I like this one so much more!!

I am totally going to use this!!!

drip irrigation systems said...

this is so easy! thank you for sharing with us! i am so going to try it at my garden!

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