Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Freezer Paper Tutorial

T Shirt Painting Tutorial.

  • t-shirt
  • printer
  • freezer paper (you can purchase it in 8.5 X11 sheets here)
  • exacto knife
  • cutting surface
  • fabric paint
  • sponge brush
  • card stock
  • iron
Step 1:
Choose an image that will not be too difficult to cut and print it onto the dull side of the freezer paper.
Step 2:
Cut out the black parts using the exacto knife.  Be sure you have a cutting surface underneath so you don't cut your table.
Your stencil should now look like this.
Step 3:
Plave the stencil shiny side down on your t-shirt and iron.
Step 4:
Squirt a dab of paint onto a sponge brush.
Step 5:
Quite liberally fill in the stencil with paint.
(Yes I did get a little on the edge.  I ended up stenciling 2 butterflies to cover up my mistake).

Step 6:
Gently peel away the freezer paper.  Now bask in the beauty of your creation :)

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MommaMindy said...

I have heard about this, but couldn't really picture it. Thanks for the step by step directions!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I have always wanted to try this. You sure have been a crafty lady lately. :-)

fawnda said...

I love freezer paper stencils! there is so MUCH you can do with them!

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