Saturday, March 27, 2010

The ABCs of Me

I found this over at

A-Age: 27

B-Bed Size: King

C-Chore you hate: Floor washing

D-Dog's Name: hmm don't have a dog.

E-Essential start to your day: checking my email, blog comments and Etsy shop

F-Favorite colors: Brown and Red

G-Gold, Silver or Platinum: platinum

H-Height: 5'6"

I-Instruments you play: I can play Ode to Joy and Twinkle Twinkle on the guitar and piano. Oh and Hot Crossed Buns on the recorder.

J-Jewelry you wear everyday: Wedding rings and pinky ring

K-Kids: Hudson (4) and Meadow (18mos)

L-Living arrangements: I live in a little cluttered house that needs some serious decluttering with my husband and children.

M-Mom's name: Lila

N-Nicknames: Hunnylump

O-Overnight Hospital Stay, other than birth: Does that include giving birth?

P-Pet Peeves: uncomfy underwear

Q-Quote:"It matters not if the world has heard. Or approves or understands. The only applause we're meant to seek is that of nail scarred hands."

R-Right or Left Handed: Right

S-Siblings: It's complicated

T-Time you wake up: around 8am

U-Underwear: usually

V-Vegetable you dislike: green beans

W-Ways you run late: Too many to record

X-X-Rays: Yes, my broken finger

Y-Yummy food you make: Mac and cheese, pizza

Z-Zoo Favorite: Tiger


The Real Me! said...

We have a lot in common. I'm right handed too! LOL! Just kidding, there was a lot more except I'm not longer in my 20's.*sigh* In fact I'll be hitting a new decade this year! *BIG SIGH*

Have a great weekend.

Jackie said...

Fun! I learned some things I didn't know about you. :-)

Terra said...

ABC of you, I love it! I also love Mac and Chese and don't like chores!

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