Sunday, November 1, 2009

Motivate Me Monday-God of Miracles

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My phone rang in the middle of the night on Halloween. It was my dear friend Katie calling for prayer. Her niece had gone missing from her parents van and there was a search on.

The family van had been parked in the driveway and the little girl was sleeping.  Her dad had taken her brother into the house and put him to bed. Expecting his wife to be right behind him coming home he didn't go back right away for the little girl. (The live in a very rural area on 500 acres).

The dad thought he heard the mom come home, but when she didn't come into the house right away he thought it was odd and went outside to check.  His 3 year old daughter was not in the van.

There was a very large search for this little girl.  Seven hours and an abundance of prayer later she was found near a fence corner sleeping a mile away from the house. (I got a text at 4:15am announcing that she had been recovered).

Prayer works people! 

Things could have been so much worse for this family.  God heard and answered our prayers to bring this little girl home safe and sound to her family.

Even though at times last night my faith was dwindling God heard.  He heard our cries and He set things right.

Do not stop praying until you have an answer.

Our God is a God of miracles.

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He & Me + 3 said...

Wow that could have been really bad. Thank God she was found. I hope that she is ok. That is very scary...Thank you Lord for bringing that baby back safe.

M at Hidden Valley Simplicity said...

How terrifying. that is a parents worse nightmare! I am so glad it had a happy ending. Praise God

Mel said...

Praise God that they found her!

Becky said...

Oh that is so scary! Those are situations you fear the most as a parent! I am so glad they found her. I do also believe that prayers work! Thanks for sharing this Sarah.

Sue said...

Whoa... that is amazing! Thank the Lord she was found safe and sound. Gotta wonder what happened?!

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