Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friday Funnies-Vacuum Baby!

Can you believe there was a time when i really thought I had nothing funny to post? Well today I have 2.
The first is a conversation I had with Hilarious Hudson.
Me: Close your eyes and have a nap.
Hudson: But can we go climb the banana trees?
Me: What banana trees?
Hudson: Well we just have to go for a walk and find them.
Me: Banana trees are in Africa (not sure how accurate that fact is).
Hudson: Oh well then we will have to do it tomorrow.

The second is a video of my darling Meadow (aka Vacuum Baby)

For more Friday Funnies visit my friend Kim at Homesteader's Heart.


The Real Me! said...

Okay the video is just too cute!!! Precious!
And I have a banana tree in my back yard my friend! LOL You are welcome to come over and climb it, though it's only 4 foot tall right now! LOL
Love ya!

Mel said...

That is so cute! Kids are so much fun....catchin' a ride on the vacuum!:) Hope you have a wonderful day.

He & Me + 3 said...

I love the conversation. Glad he could wait until tomorrow to go. So cute.
That video is hilarious. She was just chilling on that vacuum. lOL

Joyfull said...

Love the conversation about banana trees! The video was too cute!

Sue said...

Harrison has the most wonderfully creative mind - love it!

And Meadow... tee hee... look Mom... "I'm helping with the vaccumming"... with her "diaper duster".

Soooo sweet, Sarah! Thanks for sharing ;-)

Terra said...

That was pretty cute!!!

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