Saturday, October 24, 2009

Award Time!

Sweet wonderful cute Mel from Real Heart Prints
has given me an award.

This award is called "A Strong Cup of Coffee" and is given to your favorite blogs that help to get you going in the morning and keep you going all day.:)  You know the just keep going back to them over and over because of how wonderful they are.

The  best part about receiving this award is that I was #8 on her list.  You only have to award it to 7 blogs but in Mel's wrote "And, I just can't help it; I have to add one more.:)"

Isn't that the sweetest compliment?  She just couldn't leave me out. 

Ok so I am passing this award on to...

Celebrating Christmas  There's only 9 weeks left folks!  Check out Erin's crafts and gift ideas!
Antique Mommy You really must read her post When Leaves Fall Moose Mate.
Journey To a Gracious Woman This blog wraps around you and draws you deeper into your role as a the wife and mother  God created you to be..
Pleasing to You Come meet the Underwood family and share in their adventures.
Sitting On An Oak From movie reviews to blog censorship in China you are bound to find something interesting at Terra's blog.

And 2 blogs I know already have this award but I read them everyday (and totally enjoy them) are:
He & Me +3 Mimi is a fantastic photographer and her subjects are often cute a little crazy and sometimes downright hilarious!
Homesteaders Heart  Read Kims blog and fall in love with her gorgeous decorating taste, her coffee and chocolate addicted winning personality and her delightful sense of humor.

 There you have it!  My list of bloggy caffeine in the morning.


The Real Me! said...

Oh my friend, thank you! It's funny cause I was going to put you on mine too but saw that you that you were on the same list as me!!
I should have done what you did with here and list you anyway!

BTW what a cute description you wrote of me. You make me sound pretty neato! LOL
You know I love ya girlfriend. And you SO deserve this award too!

Antique Mommy said...

Thanks! That makes my day!

Anonymous said...

Awww thank you so much!!! That is so sweet of you. :)
I love being compared to coffee!! :) LOVE my coffee! LOL

Terra said...

Sarah Sarah! What a happy Saturday treat for me! I have to say I only found your blog (yor you found mine) recently but I enjoy seeing it cross my reader! THanks for the award! I will be sure to pass it on soon!

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