Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am God's Gift... my husband. It's true. I am not being boastful at all.

The issue is am I a precious gift or something he wishes he kept the receipt for? Am I a joy to have in his home or an eyesore that is displeasing?

I hope to grow into a gift that the Father will be glad he gave. I want to be a good gift.

By submitting to God and through much prayer I will be a wonderful treasure to my husband. One that God will receive the glory for.


Jensmere said...

What a precious thought, Sarah! Something for us all to think about and strive for!

Thanks for sharing (plus I'm sure that he thinks you are as special a gift as I do!)

Bless you,

The Real Me! said...

Yup to all of the above! You are God's gift to your hubby!

He & Me + 3 said...

Awesome Post. My husband throws away all his I guess he is stuck with me:) Good thing cause I wouldn't want to live without him.

Anonymous said...

What a great thought to think on Sarah. I know I need to strive more to being a gift he treasures...and to make his home his castle that he can't wait to get home to every day :)

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