Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am struggling right now. I have a disaster of a house, I am feeling impatient with my family, I can not find the green glitter for tomorrow's "G" art for tot school and I have far too many projects on the go. Now is the perfect time to praise my Father in heaven.
Thank You for my cute little house. Thank You that I have shelter to mess up. Thank you that I have been blessed abundantly with material things. Thank You that I have the means to clean up this untidy dwelling.
Thank You my Lord for my marriage. Thank You that we as a couple have chosen to read books, take classes and truly work at a wonderful marriage. Thank You for my husband who is a hard worker, a great dad and a caring mate.
Thank You for my children. Thank You for Hudson. What a fun and sweet son you have given me. He is thoughtful, funny and kind.
Thank You for Meadow. My daughter is beautiful. Her smile lights up her face and mine. She is cuddly and adorable.
Thank You Father that You created me in Your image. That I am a creative being who longs to make things with her hands. Thank You that I am imaginative and inventive.
Thanks You God that through You I have victory over my trials.
In Jesus Name


Lynn said...

Hi Sarah,

What a beautiful post. I always love reading thankful posts about husbands and your children are just charming.

Lovely... Blessed indeed. Hugs and happy Tt.

Denise said...

Such precious blessings sweetie.

The Real Me! said...

Sometimes all you can do is stop everything and be thankful!
Hugs to you my sweet friend.

Angela said...

amen sister....I am confident that your heart was encouraged and lifted up while your wrote this out. God has been teaching me to be content NOW, in the moment.

"I have a disaster of a house, I am feeling impatient with my family, " I can relate to this so much...You turned it all around sister through this post..((hugs))

Karen said...

What a great prayer of thanksgiving! It's not always easy to choose to give praise in the midst of trying situations. Yet, when we do choose thanksgiving it can make such a huge difference. May you be blessed for having chosen to thank God in the midst of trying situations. I've said a prayer for you today. May you have a wonderful, peace-filled day.

Take care,

Jerralea said...

Great way to turn around your frustrated feelings, by praising the Lord for the very things that have overwhelmed you! It's so true, if we hadn't been blessed with material goods, we wouldn't have to clean up a house and take care of them!

godsown said...

Yes STANDING STILL and starting to praise........
The remedie to turn around things....and beeing victorious...

Blessings to you

Anonymous said...

I've only read part of Emerson's book but have it on my list to read all the way through! :)

Jackie said...

I loved hearing all the things you are thankful for. It is great to stop and do that every day.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Such a great Thankful Thursday post and a great reminder to look for things to be thankful for when we are struggling!

Rita T. said...

We can always find something to praise God for, can't we? Hope your weekend is a great one!

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