Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finer Things Friday- Father's Day Fish Tales.

Even though Father's day was almost a week ago I really wanted to post our story for Finer Things Friday. So here goes!

All cozy and comfy were the Scott family.
Except for poor mom with the dashboard on her knees.
(I think we need a bigger truck or some smaller car seats).
There were cries of "Where's the lake" and "When will we be there?"
(The kids were well behaved. These were my complaints).
When who should cross our path but a fuzzy black bear.

Dad took a break to study the map.
(Well away from the bear site)
He doesn't have the best sense of direction.
Poor chap.

I looked over yonder, gave my head a good shake.
Could it be? Finally! We've found the lake.

Dad built a fire and cooked up some grub.
The rest of us went to pee on a shrub.
(I may be running out of poetic rhymes).

Just what is this fishing commotion about?
Is there really a creature out there called a trout?

With rods in our hand, we got in the boat.
(Really it's a canoe).
Out on the lake to paddle and float.

What do you know dad caught a fish.
He wasn't very big so off he did swish.
(We let him go and he swam away).

The baby became cranky and we just couldn't stay
So we packed up and left.
We'll return another day.

Fishing with Dad is certainly a Finer Thing.


Sue said...

What a sweet post and looks like you had a great day. The bear was so sweet... visually (wouldn't want to meet him on the road without the car!)

Tracey said...

Love the poetry element!! What a great Father's day memory!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

hehe -- That is too cute! You are brave to try the lake with such little ones. Good for you! We hope to camp at a lake later this summer...

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Too cute! My boys love fishing with their daddy too!

Jackie said...

What a cute post. Love the poetry. Looks like you had fun.

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