Saturday, April 18, 2009

Preschool Organization

I decided that it was time to do some organizing here at The Palace. I was inspired by this post at My Three Little Lights. Since I have a preschooler and not a gradeschooler that I home teach I adapted her work boxes to fit our situation.
So I have 3 daily activities in shoe boxes and 1 quiet time box. (We only have 3 activity boxes because we are out and about on Monday and Wednesday mornings at this stage of our lives).
The four boxes stack nicely under a table in my living room. They have such cute patterns and the were a great deal on sale at Michaels.

So I have my week planned out with a different activity in each box. (our unit study this week is farms)
Day 1- All of the necessary materials to make cotton ball sheep.
Day 2- Empty. We are headed on a farm field trip that day.
Day 3- A premade book that we will fill with pictures of our farm tour.
Quiet Time- That's Not My Tractor board book and Little People farm animals, tractor and farmer.
I love systems! I am so excited to implement this one.

That said I am totally on the look out for more quiet time ideas so please leave me a comment with what you would put in a quiet time box. (It does not have to be farm related).


Randomly Elly said...

Thank you for stopping by!!! I am so excited to find other Christian moms!!!

I love this post about decluttering...I am in the mood of backing a uhaul to the door and TOSSING everything out the door and SLOLY putting things back as NEEDED!!!!

I have a middle schooler...but maybe an easy puzzle, coloring, building blocks (I LOVE THESE)...I will keep thinking....

Elaine said...

i JUST got those same boxes at Michaels yesterday. So cheap! couldn't pass it up.

Sarah said...

I know Elaine! I should have gotten 6 but alas I only got 3. (To add to my collection of Michaels shoe boxes.

Bernadete said...

I love this organizational tool! Thank You! Thank you!

ScrappinAway said...

Oh Thanks for this! I have been wanting to implement something and the tray system just doesn't work for us, but this totally will!

Spesamor Academy said...

If it is somewhat supervised quiet time, I would put in paper and all sorts of writing intruments... pencils, colored pencils, chalks, crayons.
Also for supervised quiet play little magnet sets are cool.
Otherwise, "discovery bottles" are great. Fill them with tons of small objects and water for wave bottles, or objects and beans or popcorn or rice for search and find bottles. Fill them with a mixture of water and oil, and/or with all different sizes of glitter.
That's just off the top of my head, if I can think of more, I'll be back. lol

Christianna said...

I really want to implement this system into our homeschooling routine as well! I think workboxes are a fabulous idea! I just have to quit procrastinating and start putting them together!
BTW, love the "quiet time" box. Great idea!

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