Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why I Am So Thankful That We Homeschool

I don't usually post on Wednesdays because Wednesdays are my busy days. However I just can not keep this blog article a secret. Why I Am So Thankful That We Homeschool by Mrs. Robin Brookshire. Now as someone starting at the very beginning of her home school journey (calling) I soaked up all that this article had to say. It is so reassuring to see someone close the the end of homeschooling give reasons why it was so worth it. I love Mrs. Brookshires answer to socialization. How many moms of preschoolers out there are asked the question "So what programs is your child in?" Programs? Really should I be sending my 3 year old away from home to be taught by someone else? So hop on over to Like a Warm Cup of Coffee to take in this fantastic piece of writing.


Elaine said...

this was great, I am in the midst of trying to decide on schooling stuff and its one of those decisions that someone else can't really make.

PS - we made a blossom/popcorn tree. it looks great but abby ddn't want to paint her arm brown, she wanted purple so we got creative :)

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