Friday, March 20, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009
Welcome to those who have found their way here from 5M4M Ultimate Blog Party. Click on the banner above and join the fun if you found your way here by some other means.
Well let me introduce myself:
My name is Sarah and I created this blog recently because I have found very few home preschool blogs out there in blog world. (If you have a home preschool blog then leave me a comment and I will add you to my blogroll).
I have 2 sweet kids, Hudson who is 3 and Meadow who is 6 months old.

To get this party started I am going to give you my new favorite cupcake recipe:

1 Chocolate cake mix
1 &1/2 blocks of cream cheese
1/3 cup of sugar
1 egg
1/4 cup of strong brewed coffee

Directions: Pre-heat oven to 325F. Prepare cake mix as per directions on the box.
Beat together cream cheese sugar egg and coffee. Spoon cake mix into cupcake papers until 1/2 full. Top with a heaping tablespoon of cream cheese mixture. Place a milk chocolate melting wafer in the center if you so desire. Bake for 20 minutes. Allow to cool and enjoy!
(These are also great to freeze!)

3 Prizes I have my eye on are:
INTL 23 – Blog Makeover From Busy Mama Blog Designs
USC 2610 $50.00 Gift Vouchers to Hatley
USC 58 — Handmade Retro Apron of your choice!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to leave a comment telling me who you are so I can check out your blog too!


CalvaryGirl said...

If you don't win the blog makeover let me know and I'll be happy to do you one :O)

~*~ Wendy ~*~
Raising Foodies 3-19

Trish said...

Hi! I'm trisha from Sweet 'n' Sassy Girls. Just stopping by at the blog party! Be sure to visit me and enter my contests!

Bluestocking said...

Well anything with coffee can't be bad!

2009 Party Post

Wendy said...

Just dropping by to say hello from the Blog Party! Love your blog design! The colors are beautiful!

Summer said...

Very cute blog!!! Hope you have a wonderful day today and best wishes!


Anonymous said...

hi! found your blog through the UBP! love the design of your blog!

Momma Snail said...

I am party hopping and found your blog! It is really cute! We homeschool our kids at The Snail's Trail. Hop on by when you get some time!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Have a happy blog party... it is nice to meet you...

Catherine said...

Just stopping in from UBP. You have a cute blog!

windycindy said...

I agree with you about the lack of preschool blog sites! Thanks for participating in this fun blog party. Cindi

JamericanSpice said...

Nice to meet you!

Talk about a party!

I'm quite intrigued and am learning how to get around!

Just stopping by from 5minutes for moms blog party!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Nice to meet you Sarah, just stopping by from the UBP. Have a blessed Sunday!

Steve and April said...

Hi, Sarah! I'm glad you stopped by my blog (ElCloud Homeschool). We home preschooled, and still do, but we're very easy going in those years. I'm not planning activities for them anymore ... we just provide lots of puzzles, books, craft supplies, and educational movies for them. We use Before Five In A Row with our preschoolers, and the website also has free literature based unit studies for preschoolers and elementary students. Have fun teaching your little ones!

April E.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Party hopping and participating too so stop in and visit.

a Tonggu Momma said...

There really AREN'T that many home preschool blogs. I'm a former preschool teacher who is now a SAHM. My daughter attends school, but I also do some things with her at home. I don't blog about those topics though.

You may enjoy CC's blog "If Only I Had Super Powers." She's a speech therapist who posts a lot about speech therapy ideas -- a lot of the time it makes for good general preschool to second grade activities.

Enjoy the UBP!

Melonie said...

I home preschool. :-) I just don't blog about it enough, I suppose. This is my third toddler doing home preschool. Chatty is in 2nd grade and was homeschooled from birth until this past November, when I enrolled her in DoDDS school - that's only because it makes visitation easier with the ex. Otherwise he wanted her to fly home every 3rd month - FROM JAPAN! - 4 times a year. Uh, no. ;-)

BTW - this is Japanese fast food:

Well, one version of it. They also have McD's and Shakey's/KFC here. But this is a non-American franchise. And both my kids loooove their beef bowls, so I'm not arguing. :-)

Deal Fanatic said...

Stopping by to say hi from UBP! Great blog..lot's of great ideas.

Super Fun Mama said...

Hi, I'm stopping over as part of my party blog hopping. It is very nice to meet you and your blog. I have a toddler learning/fun activity site at; I'd love to have you come visit sometime. Have a magical day!

I love finding other preschool blogs, so I'll be back!

Eli's Lids said...

So cool about homeschool preschool! I love love love doing crafts with my kiddos... we'll have to try that hand one :)

StacieinAtlanta said...

Hi Sarah-

I love your blog design!

I am just stopping in from The Ultimate Blog Party to say hello. Come by my place to enter to win a LeapFrog Tag Reading System and some books. :)

The Divine Miss Mommy

Tamara B. said...

Cruising over from the UBP to say hi :)

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