Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Sweet Retro T-shirt (plus a fun give away)

I went on a mom's shopping trip on Monday night. Two of my favorite things were incorporated... sushi and thrift stores. So 4 moms and 1 baby (the baby being mine) headed to the big city. There we dined on tempura, spicy tuna rolls, udon noodles and bento boxes. The world's most amazing food really. Then we went treasure hunting.
I got 4 new shirts from the thrift store, but 1 just just makes my heart happy.
It's a retro McDonald's t-shirt with the whole gang on the front. You see I spent a good portion of my high school years working at McDonald's and this shirt brings back some really fun memories.
I love great finds like this.
To celebrate my very cool treasure I am having a little give away. Leave me a comment telling me about your favorite t-shirt and you could win 2 very cute retro look postcards. (contest ends March 22 at 9pm Pacific Time)


Melonie said...

Hiya! I just wanted to thank you for your comment on my Thursday post. I'm glad you got safely up the icy hill! :-)

As for favorite t-shirts - well, from my childhood would be my Darmstadt Dragons t-shirt from the Dept of Defense school I attended as an Army brat.

As an adult I don't really wear anything with logos or sayings, but I do use my hubby's T's for sleepwear. LOL I'd say my favorite would be his SuperBowl one from his first tour in Afghanistan or the one with his unit crest on it. Although for St. Pat's I made sure to use the one he has with a shamrock on it that says "Rub me for luck". haha I had a good chuckle at myself for that one.

CalvaryGirl said...

Most of my T shirts are plain in color, but the Lands End ones are SO comfy. But I have some T shirts from when I was little, that my parents brought back for me from one of their business trips (where I had to stay with family.) It says "Mom and dad went to New Orleans and all I got was this stinkin' shirt". My daughter (7) loves this shirt, LOL!!

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Elaine said...

my favorite t shirt now is my purple "little miss stubborn shirt" as a kid its between 2 different ones. One said "I like being a kid" and had a crayon stick person drawing. The other was when I was in kingergarten and had a pink t shirt with those black velvety letters that said "Fire Chief for a Day" on the front and "Elaine Scott" on the back. What a great shirt. That was a fun little trip down memory lane :)

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