Monday, March 2, 2009

Treasures- Fantastic Frugal Decor

I love to treasure hunt. Often I can be found prowling neighborhood yard sales and thrift stores for the perfect gem to bring home. I have even been known to dig around at the (gasp) dump. Did I just write that here in blog world? So I wanted to share some of favorite finds. One of the most memorable things about my house is the huge metal door panel that I use as a magnet board to display photos and cards. I found it in the scrap metal pile at the land fill and it now adorns a wall in my kitchen. Another cool magnet board that I made is in my son's bedroom. I found an old metal TV tray, spray painted it red, attached some stickers around the boarder and a ribbon to hang it. They spray sealed the whole thing so the stickers would stay on. It's totally a frugal masterpiece.
A few of my favorite picture frames are made out of hardcover books from the thrift store. They were $0.50 each.
And last but not least my small house, shabby chic, storage solution. Hard suitcases. I love old hard suitcases. I keep things in them such as candles, homeschool equipment, old cards and letter and a scarf collection. They are an attractive way to hide some of the clutter and they work as a makeshift coffee table as well.
So there you go. I hope you enjoyed your tour of my treasures.


Person said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And if you have any great dairy-free recipes, I'd love to see them. We've been doing dairy-free and dairy-optional for 3 years now because of my daughter's allergy, so it's nice to get out of my rut with something new!

Stacey @ Mom Must Write

Mel said...

I have never thought of using hardback books as picture frames. What a great idea! And I could just kick myself because I had a really old suitcase that was my grandmother's, and we got rid of it, trying to declutter.....I know! I have been kicking myself ever since!

Carol VR said...

I love the idea of the old suitcases. What a frugal idea.

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