Friday, February 27, 2009

Finer Things Friday-Spring Indoors

Winter seems to be holding on for dear life here in the North (and other places as well I am told). However I have been blessed with a little spring indoors.
My Christmas cactus has bloomed out of season into beautiful fuchsia blossoms.
I also have a brilliant blue hyacinth in my living room. The heavenly scent invades my nose whenever I enter the room. It surrounds me as I sit by the window nursing my baby or reading stories to my big boy. The colors and smells brighten my home and my mood. They remind me that I serve an almighty God who cares about the little things my heart desires. That is one of life's finer thing.

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

Oh my goodness, those flowers are gorgeous! I don't have indoor plants... that darn black thumb of mine. And what I don't kill, my children tend to destroy.

But after seeing this... maybe I will try again. Plants do so much for a home.

Thanks for linking up! Amy

Sherry said...

Love the flowers! I can't wait until spring. It was 70 here the other day and now it is 18 and flurrying. Ugh!

Eryn said...

Yay! A little bit of green indoors!

We started some sprouts this week for a little bit of green, I can't wait for them to be able to eat.

Looks like maybe you have an Easter cactus :)

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